the Radio Free Chattanooga Story

Give us feedback with an email here. Check the box if you would like to receive occasional emails from us about what's happening on the station or in Chattanooga's music scene.

If you are a local band, local artist, or artist from the area, we would like to hear from you.  If you have songs for airplay consideration, please provide a link to your music file for us to review.  We don't play everything, but we certainly give special attention to local musicians when possible.  Send us your best stuff, and let us know when and where you perform.

Chattanooga is our home.  Unfortunately, we felt that Chattanooga radio stations were letting us down. 

While there are rock stations in Chattanooga, we've been missing the boat on lots of alternative rock, and we're certainly missing significant radio airplay of our growing local music scene.

Radio Free Chattanooga is a streaming radio station that we created to cover a gaping hole in the Chattanooga radio landscape and bring great new music to our neighbors and friends.  We're focused on new music, local music and regional music.  Sure, we play a lot of alternative and grunge classics too.  That's because they're just so good. 

Listen for a few days.  You'll discover lots of great new music, and probably rediscover some bands and songs you've loved for years.

We're still building Radio Free Chattanooga, and we know there will be some glitches here and there.  Thanks for your patience as we build our library, our features and our station. We're confident that you're going to love it in the months ahead.

Contact us:

117 Lee Parkway Drive, Suite 103ChattanoogaTN37421, United States